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Business Insider: What is Freight Consolidation

Freight Consolidation is the grouping of small businesses in a freight arrangement consolidation combining and sharing one cargo container to capture and offer consumers an affordable and reasonable logistic rates.

"Consolidation Shipping means Affordability and Efficiency"

Consolidated Shippers and Shipping does NOT mean LESS quality of service and late deliveries.

In What ways Small Businesses in Freight Consolidation increase Affordability and Efficiency

There are no long wait times in getting the container to get full before it can set sail. Kapatid Express Balikbayan Box freight containers and it's teammates deploy's every week. What this means for you, is that your cargo will get home sooner rather than later.

Small business freight consolidation, can offer affordable and competitive prices. Click here for Kapatid Express Balikbayan Box promotions right now! 

Because small businesses have more to prove typically, customer services are mostly very warm and personal.

A small business owner usually works for themselves, therefore the care to create a business raport is paramount! 

With Kapatid Express their motto is "making sending balikbayan box personal again, putting customers first!"

"Making sending balikbayan box personal again, putting customers first!"

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What Makes Small Businesses of Freight Consolidation's services different?

Being the underdog in the business of logistic freight services, does not make small business less efficient compared with bigger companies. Definitely does not mean consumers have to sacrifice price over quality over services they get and deserved when getting the job done or when getting your balikbayan boxes delivered.

The differences are that consolidations choses to work with smaller groups of small businesses and believed that there are greater things that can be accomplished by working together as a team!

Because remember, everything is awesome! when you work as a part of the team!

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