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KAPATID EXPRESS IRREGULAR BOX: How to send TV, Appliances, and Furnishings to the Philippines?

Sending items that won’t usually fit inside a Jumbo Balikbayan or an odd-sized box such as Christmas tree box, entertainment centers, bicycles, appliances, furnishings, and the most popular item be shipped to the Philippines among ex-pats, televisions.

Maybe, you are ready to retire in the Philippines or soak your feet under the beach sand or up high while laying under a coconut tree and sipping some cocktail while watching the sunset go down. And ready to relocate your household goods with you.

Finding a freight forwarder that can offer this service may be easier than you think. And get you started with the process is not more challenging than you expect.

Kapatid Express Balikbayan Box services offer from sending an irregular size box to sending a whole 40-foot container to the Philippines if you wish.

Too busy or in a hurry to call our friendly customer service?

Don’t worry. We are flexible and can also be reached via text or email, through our website’s inquiry forms, Viber, What’s App, Facebook Page @kapatidexpress, and even on Instagram #kapatidexpress!

Step 1: Find the right box size for your specific item if you are no longer in possession of its original box.

Step 2: Measure the box’s LENGTH x WIDTH x HEIGHT. Be prepared to provide this size for an immediate price quote.

Kapatid Express Balikbayan Box Offers a Free price quote.

Step 3: Schedule your pick up TODAY! Upon pick up, your box will then again be measured for accuracy.

Kapatid Express Balikbayan Box Secures Your Boxes

CALL US TODAY (619) 889-0214


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