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Kapatid Express: Why Celebrating Success Big or Small Essential in Business 2020

Typically, most people do not recognize success and only measures them through financial or status in life. To other's success is driving a luxury car to work, having a big office facing a breath-taking view. And to others, having multiple branches and multiple business expansions, mergers, and acquisitions.

Although having those necessities are somewhat key identifiers of business venture accomplishments, they do not necessarily represent success fulfillment. Because success is a continuative process and is not an endgame!

"Success should be celebrated and appreciated because no business made it big that did not start “SMALL”"

For “brick and mortar” businesses such as Kapatid Express Balikbayan Box LLC. An online storefront business, family-run, and owned business arising amid a global pandemic, COVID-19 in March 2020 we celebrate and appreciate our humble beginnings. And celebrates each learning curve and improvements viewing it as new adventures each step of the way. This not only increases the business morale and motivation of our small team of two, at the moment and as husband and wife running a small business during the most challenging time in the history of the United States. It taught us the importance of being appreciative of celebrating success no matter how big or small and the humbling feeling of starting and believing in our dreams.

When Does It Call for A Celebration?

Celebrate our FIRST!

Celebrating our first customer, our first inquiry, our first sale, our first day, first week, and first month in the business, and or our first sponsorship to our community. And during these “first” celebrations enjoying each moment of learning and realization for opportunities to learn as they are part of what shaped us as a business entity.

"If you are in business to make money as your main reason being in the game, you're wrong!"

Making a Difference

A mentor once told me that if you are in business to make money as your main reason being in the game, your wrong! Businesses are created to “Make a difference” help improve people’s lives and making money just follows through as a result of how many lives I made a difference as a business.

With Kapatid Express Balikbayan Box, it allowed us to make a difference to our customers ' lives by being the bridge to close the gaps between them and their loved ones in the Philippines, arranging their care packages and its secure delivery to the from the U.S and to the Philippines.

Gives a wonderful feeling of providing them additional options for our kababayan’s when sending their Balikbayan Boxes to the Philippines.

Celebrate Success to Promote a Positive Culture

By giving thanks to our customers who entrusted their care packages to us and giving us their business, the best way to show our appreciation is by providing them savings, discounts, and most of all great customer service! Giving back to the community, by supporting activities that promote diversity and comraderies.

Celebrating success may come in many shapes and forms as long it promotes a positive culture, motivation, and engagement of all the members of the team increases the emotional investment of each member and a team player. And the positivity that this celebration creates reflects on their productivity, willingness to learn and work and most of all establish pride and resiliency to workplace, organization, or business regardless of the entities' size big or small with either a team members composed of thousands or two. In business, success should be celebrated and appreciated big or small because no business made it big that did not start “SMALL”.

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