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Follow These Top 3 Tips: When Filling Up Your Balikbayan Box

Now that you have found your first jumbo or regular box the overwhelming feeling of getting it filled up right away may take over quickly! don't let this discourage you, it is okay!

But, wait a minute kapeng mainit kabayan, don't rush to the shopping stores without a plan! and don't forget about prioritizing quantity without sacrificing quality. Lastly, don't forget about the money you can save if you follow these top three tips below!


You are on your way to becoming a Balikbayan Box shopping savvy

Filling up your first jumbo Balikbayan Box may be an overwhelming feeling. Here are the top 3 tips on how to ease that feeling.

Tip 1 Buying in Bulk

 For necessities such as bar soaps, toothpaste, toothbrushes, shampoo, body wash, and lotions and many other supplies being highly requested for pasalubong's. Buying can goods such as the all-time favorite SPAM, chocolates, snacks and many more! Saving not only your money but time, why don't you go ahead and hit the big box stores!

My favorite places are Sam's Club or Costco. But you will need a membership before you can start shopping there. Getting these memberships are usually affordable than you think and worth it if you like to stacked up on certain things. I have been a member at Sam's and enjoys the premium membership. It offers great perks worth checking out!

  • Tip 2 Retail you Not! 

 Do not let your excitement get the best of your wallet! When shopping for pasalubongs for your loved ones. Check online coupons and apps that allows you to download them from your smart phones and redeem then in the store or online on that American brand apparel you been eyeing.

Another great place to start is by hitting the nearest Outlet store near you. The chances of finding a Nike store that offers 50-70 percent off is highly likely. Outlet's always offer designated corner for these deals! Anything that you may find at your favorite shopping mall near you can be found in an outlet store.

 If you are from the South San Diego, The Outlets at the Border is a convenient place to check out. Carlsbad Outlets, Orange Outlets, and Ontario Outlet in North San Diego to name a few are great places to go to as well.

And my most favorite outlet store is about 48 miles away coming from Lake Elsinore area, The Cabazon Outlets has three different fashion islands each offer different level of shopping experience. One full day is not enough to go through all the stores. (Can't get enough of this place!).

So, have a game plan and bring a quick snack and bottle water before coming here and check the weather before driving down. 

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  • Tip 3 Layer your Packaging with Care

 When it is time to stuff that jumbo box finish strong! Ensure all the shampoo and conditioner, lotions or any items that may have loosen caps are sealed securely.Anything that could possibly and may be broken during the transportation. Make sure to secure them with tape to hold the caps in place. I have seen others wrap their items with plastic wraps, bubble wraps and even foils to secure the items.

Soon, you will discover creative ways to secure your items, but keep in mind to utilize ways that will not occupy too much space that may take away from your goods. Others use the clothing that they are sending out to be their barriers or extra cushion. But the best part of packing a balikbayan box, it has no weight limit. As long as you can close the top flat, you are good to go my friend!

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