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Our History: In the Midst of a Global Pandemic 2020!

In the midst of uncertainty, furloughed, anxieties and during under an imminent threat of COVID19 are the few of the underlying factors that inspired the establishing of KAPATID EXPRESS Balikbayan Box L.L.C..

"But, I won't let the fear of uncertainty get the best of me!"
"There are many things that we wished we ought to do but the timing was just never right! right?!"

Going a few months back before COVID19 was blown out of proportion, and caused many American's to panicked buy toilet tissue's, in December of 2019, I finished grad school, YEY!

Then the popular question by many graduates popped in my head “NOW WHAT?!” I jumped in quickly with the idea of landing a job back to the government, it was tough!

Although, offers knocked in my door and was offered what I considered as "my dream job" more than a few times, they are not the "suitable job" for me and my family!


Adding a few more years back, in 2016, a very close friend of mine who's in the same line of business asked me, why not start a business of my own. I replied, "it is one of my dreams, actually!" She even encouraged me to follow this dream of mine enthusiastically! Aside's from working for the government again, starting a business of my own is in my bucket list. But I convinced myself and my friend that I was not ready yet, due to many legible life reasons and excuses, that I came up with during that moment.

But like many "ETJ" personalities, the dreamers and natural leaders, there are many things that I wanted to do, achieve, overcome and ought to become. But the timing was just never right! and I don't have time!, right?! or just simply can't decide which way to go first!

Finally, moving forward to December of 2019, after having another encouraging pep talk with my friend over karaoke nights, drinking the "cool aide" from my mentor's motivational words, heart to heart talks from my counselors, fellow women veterans, from more friends, family and self talk with lots of meditation. I quickly realized that I knew what I needed to do! (not quick enough tho! :D )

On March of 2020, I finally came to realization and decided exceedingly that NOW is the time! I will stop being afraid of life's uncertainty! I will not be afraid to fail! Because, it is when we learn the most. (at least, I do!) Therefore, I will not allow fear to get the best of me! I will start making time to be mow optimistic instead of finding time that I can never find! And stop looking for opportunities to be offered to me somewhere else, when I can offer it for myself!

With the support and guidance of my family, my dear friends, mentor and women veteran support group and the people that helps me overall behind the scenes. Most importantly, I soldiered up and armed myself with an edified faith. All of it played a part to get me where I needed to be, to allow myself to turn my dreams into a reality!

"My possibilities are endless and I hold the power to turn my dreams into reality"

I refused to allow the overloading of stress, uncertainty and anxiety to get the best of me, or be incredulous of my very own self talk that, "my possibilities are endless and I hold the power to turn my dreams into reality" (it will not be easy :D but I will surely try!)

So, I focused and utilized my strength, energy, dedication, motivation and time in creating KAPATID EXPRESS Balikbayan Box.

With the customer’s in mind figuring how to give more offerings for their buck! how can I help make a difference in my community, and empowered the customer's that I will be serving. Treat them how I would want to be treated when I send my precious cargo back home. Especially in tough times like these, when a global pandemic is at large.

I realized that finding a meaningful purpose of a job does not have to be found working back for the government or working for a multi-billion dollar organization. (although, I would if the right opportunity comes along :D)

It can be found in simply wanting to make a difference in people’s lives, in the community I belong , doing what makes me feel happy inside and enjoying what I do.

By helping my customers deliver their precious cargo to the Philippines, is like being the bridge that sends hope and smiles to their families who are a thousand miles away, whom are in need some enlightenment especially after COVID19 lockdown is over and put behind us all. It would be the meaningful purpose that would continuously fuels my dreams and be the inspiration behind Kapatid Express Balikbayan Box.

"When Life give you lemons, make it the sweetest lemonade!"

They say, "When Life give you lemons, make a lemonade!"

Sometimes it may feel like we may be trapped in a lifetime worth of darkness, uncertainty like dark-gray clouds over our head and are surrounded with an aggravated feelings of isolation, especially during quarantine. Living each day doubting life itself and the future it brings after the storm.

But what I learned a few months ago that, negative perspectives can be changed positively during the times of adversity. Acceptance to changes and uncertainty might lead us to new possibilities and opportunities that can edify hope when it is needed the most.

My Passion, to be in public service and to provide customer service, high regards for diversity, attention to detail and values culture and traditions helped shaped, fueled, and empowered me to establish and create KAPATID EXPRESS Balikbayan Box in the midst of a global pandemic 2020!

Photo Credits: Faye M.E. Edited By: Kapatid Express Admin.


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