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What is a Balikbayan Box: Why Filipino's Send Balikbayan Boxes To The Philippines?

Sharing The American Dream

What is the hype about filling up balikbayan boxes packed with essentials from the general stores in the U.S when the very similar items exists in the Philippines? What influenced Filipino families to persistently send care packages relentlessly back to their homeland.

“America is the land of milk and honey with a promise of opportunity and prosperity. But most of all, the land of the free and the brave.”
"Do not take anything for granted and always count your blessings."

Not all are priviledged to this once in a lifetime opportunity. Not all can visit another country, avail to migrate to the U.S or be guaranteed a visa due to the lack of opportunities or poverty. Filipino's who are fortunate to make their dreams a reality, are fervently humbling.

Why Send Balikbayan Box

Deep within the rich culture, tradition, and hospitality the foundation of being part of a Filipino family is their unconditional care for their loved ones and the virtue of never forgetting where they came from. Being away from their families often resulted in homesickness, anxieties, and even depression at times. America maybe the land of milk and honey with a promise of opportunity and prosperity. but for most, the land of the free and the brave has a price.

For many, working double shifts, double jobs or even working with multiple side-hustles are the hefty fines to achieve the ultimate American dream. And going back to the Philippines to visit can become a luxury in an instant and often times costs more rather than sending monetary gifts or a balikbayan box. Filling up a box may take other's days, weeks or even months depending on the sender's designated financial capabilities.

Balikbayan Boxes are more than a corrugated box filled with random essentials from your favorite general store in the neighborhood full of canned goods such as, Spam, Ox and Palm corned beef, Hunt's pork and beans, Hershey's chocolates and assorted candy's such as tootsie roll, M&M's, grandma's favorite toothpaste, Colgate, Hanes, new and used trending American brands in clothing, "rubber shoes" like Jordans and Nike are one of the favorite brands. Opening the balikbayan box itself is a memorable experience. On many occasions, some recipients claimed and shared with their friends that it could almost felt like they were in the U.S for a quick second and could even smell America as they open their balikbayan boxes!

KAPATID EXPRESS Balikbayan Box Services narrowed options to the topmost favored sizes for balikbayan boxes and are jumbo box 24X18X24 and regular boxes 23X17.5X20.

The Hype and Purpose

The hype is the overwhelming feeling of joy in earnestly giving without waiting for something in return. And to see the smiles on their faces as they received their gifts of a lifetime created a simple note in mind and a reminder to the sender, to do not take anything for granted and always count your blessings. And the true purpose of sending a balikbayan box is to make loved ones back home feel missed and is an utmost warmth gesture that exemplifies of sharing a small piece of the ultimate American dream.

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